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Huddle Rooms

How many huddle rooms are there?  30 to 50 million


ref https://www.raconteur.net/business/the-rise-of-huddle-rooms

What are some recommended Huddle Room and SOHO configurations and recommendations?

How fast is the Huddle Room market growing?

"According to research from Wainhouse, about 55% of younger workers have begun to push conference managers for more accessible video solutions in the workplace. Huddle rooms equipped with conferencing technology have the opportunity to connect staff wherever they are, through a range of innovative devices. This is pivotal in a world where 90% of 35-year old workers consider flexible working to be essential."


What is a Huddle Room?

huddle room is a small and private meeting area, typically seating 3-6 people and equipped with teleconferencing and collaboration technologies. Depending on its size and needs, an organization may have several huddle rooms in addition to a large, conventional conference room.

What is a huddle room? - Definition from WhatIs.com

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How big is the Home Office & SOHO market? How fast is it growing?

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What are the key Huddle Room/SOHO technology requirements & features?

  • Audio conferencing

  • Content sharing (e.g. via wireless when participants Bring Your Own Devices - BYOD)

  • Videoconferencing (e.g. installed and/or BYOD)

Huddle Room Kits:

Here are some recommended Huddle Room Kits:

  1. Kit 1 - Echo Dot and Connect - featuring a virtual assistant (Alexa for Business) and audio conferencing

  2. Kit 2 - Echo Dot, Connect, and Screen Share- featuring a virtual assistant (Alexa for Business), audio conferencing Screen Sharing

  3. Kit 3 - Logitech NUC Meetup Kit - MEETUPNUC KT3

  4. Kit 4 - Logitech Meetup NUC w/ Screen Share - SCREENNUCMEETUP

  5. Kit 5 - Echo Dot, Connect and MeetUp - featuring a virtual assistant (Alexa for Business) and video conferencing

  6. Kit 6 - Echo Dot, Connect, MeetUp and Screen Share - featuring a virtual assistant (Alexa for Business), Screen Sharing and video conferencing

  7. Kit 7 - Logitech Premium Mimo Vue/NUC Meetup Kit - MEETUPNUC-MIMO
  8. Kit 8 - Polycom VoxBox - new wireless Bluetooth/USB portable speaker phone for huddle rooms
  9. Kit 9 - Google Home Mini speakerphone, Obi200, Google Voice phone services
  10. Kit 10 - Google Home Mini speakerphone, Obi200, Google Voice phone services, Chromecast screen sharing and video replays.

Some more Huddle Room and SOHO configurations and recommendations?

Contact us for more information, a custom configuration and a discount pricing quotation.


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