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Add Skype & Skype for Business to your Legacy/H.323/SIP Videoconference Room System

Get More Results from your existing Conference Room systems by adding face to face communications with remote & mobile users
- on iPhones, Androids, iPads, PCs, Laptops & Macs

How to video conference between Skype & Skype for Business (or any PC based system such as Google+, WebEx, etc.) and Room Based Systems? We have systems & upgrades  for Cisco TANDBERG, Polycom, Sony , LifeSize Group Videoconferencing Room Based Systems . . . for video calling with  remote or mobile users on iPhones, Androids, iPads, PCs, Laptops, & Macs.

iPhone, Laptop & LCD on a Skype Video Call

Control the call from your iPhone or iPad. H.323 & Skype Call to a one Screen Room System

iPhone screen image during Skype H.323 video call

Two Screen Room - Skype GVC & H.323 video call

VSS-1 gives you a custom Home Page for your Conference Room Screen

VSS-1 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse on VFI table

VSS-1 Rack Mount in VFI Cart

VSS-1 Two Screen Room - Skype GVC & H.323 Call

Manufacturer Logos for Popular Video Conferencing & Collaboration systems.

The Opportunity: There's an opportunity for every Legacy/H.323/SIP based conference room to upgrade its communications - by adding Skype & Skype for Business video conferencing capabilities (or any PC based system such as Google+, WebEx, etc.). The Microsoft Skype  and  Skype for Business as part of Office 365 makes this communications link even more compelling. There are over 500 million registered Skype users and 70% of organizations around the work run Microsoft Office - including many of your customer, vendors, colleagues, friends & family.

The Situation:
In a typical conference room with a room videoconferencing system (from Cisco TANDBERG, Polycom, Sony, & LifeSize using IP or ISDN for communications), there are one or more large screen monitors (LCDs/Plasmas/Projector), and a high quality PTZ camera, one or more mics, and speakers. Now there are lots of new Skype mobile iPhone, iPad & Android smart phone video users . . . and there are millions of Skype users (or users of any PC based system such as Google+, WebEx, etc.) with a PC, Laptop, or Mac, with a webcam, mic and speakers  . . . but how can any of these remote and mobile users communicate back to their conference room systems? The conference room needs our new VSS-1 Super Skype system. It's a cost-effective, stand-alone hardware/software add-on for your existing SD & HD H.323 or SIP or ISDN standards based conference room videoconferencing system.

The Features & Benefits: Here are some of the key features & benefits of the VSS-1system & having conference room video calling with smart phones, PCs, Laptops & Macs. . .

  • Point to Point video calling - video calling between your Room Based System to one Remote or Mobile User - this is one of the most frequently needed features - when you just need your conference room meeting to include one person in the field or one remote site.
  • More efficient communication to the many mobile & remote video users via their PCs, Laptops, Macs and smart phones.
  • A group of people in your conference room can avoid crowding around a small PC, Laptop, Mac, iPhone or iPad for a video call.
  • The conference room cameras with preset positions and a remote control can move to a wide angle view, or to zoom in to focus on a particular speaker or object.
  • The conference room table-top mics allow remote sites to more clearly hear people around the conference room.
  • The remote sites will appear on the large screen, so your group in the conference room can easily see them.
  • Room speakers allow you to adjust the volume so the remote site can be heard clearly.
  • Software is included for streaming & recording. Stream out live sessions to up to 50 direct clients & unlimited numbers via Ustream. Record live sessions for later playback & editing.
  • Point to Point video calls, Multi-Site Room to Room calls (via H.323 or SIP), and Skype, Google+, & WebEx, etc., Multi-Site Group Video Conferencing calls can each be supported.
  • Your video call is enhanced with use of the high quality room system cameras, screens, mics, remotes and speakers.
  • Full client communication & collaboration capabilities are provided via the latest Skype Windows or Skype for Business version -  (not a limited subset)  -
    • video calling - with up to 10 remote participants for Skype and 250 for Skype for Business,
    • audio conferencing - with up to 25 remote participants for Skype and 250 for Skype for Business,
    • file transfer - to the conference participants,
    • screen sharing - show your PowerPoint, images & spreadsheets etc.
    • SMS - send text messages to mobile phones,
    • video conference chat - IM text chat with all the audio & video participants during & after the video call.
    • send and receive video messages - up to 3 minutes each,
    • All the features of the latest full-featured Skype Windows version are supported - here's a link to the latest version download & information - e.g. version 7.15 - December 2015
    • Control the VSS-1 Super Skype System from your iPad or iPhone or Android from around the room or anywhere. Initiate the calls, preview the video that's on the conference room screens. Manage the calls, connections, IM, SMS, etc. The VSS-1 also includes a wireless keyboard & mouse as another control alternative.
    • Typical resolutions for Skype video calls are 1280 by 720 using the current Skype H.264 codec. Bandwidth usage is typically < 300Kbps upload & download per link.
    • With VSS-1 and Skype for Business Online you now get PSTN Calling, PSTN Conferencing, Cloud PBX, and Skype Meeting Broadcast.
      • Skype Meeting Broadcast - a new component of Skype for Business. It enables Office 365 users to produce and broadcast a meeting on the internet with up to 10,000 attendees, who can attend from a browser on virtually any device. With Skype Meeting Broadcast, you can host large virtual meeting such as internal "Town Hall" style meetings and public webinars. You can record meetings, and you can customize them to gauge audience involvement and satisfaction.
    • For additional information on Skype for Business Online, see  What's new in Skype for Business.
    • all the current Skype for Business Online Services
    • Skype for Business Limits - current limits
  • The VSS-1 system operates closed on a shelf, or under the camera or codec. It can also operate from an optional secure & locked Rack Drawer or Wall Mount.
  • Wi-Fi & wired connectivity is included to minimize network connection & firewall issues. (Skype typically has few firewall issues).
  • A Custom Home Page & Kiosk for your conference room can be included - for simple & consistent video conferencing operations by different users & meeting formats.
    • Here's the link to the basic kiosk screen that end users see on the conference room monitor when they first turn on the VSS-1 system. The kiosk screen can be easily modified to add you own logo or other information to help your users.
  • Skype Desktop API changes had major effects beginning in 2014 on some competing & similar 3rd party solutions - including Polycom CloudAXIS - but there's no effect on our VSS-1 system since we do not use the Skype API.

Installation & Operation:

  • Connect your room system screen, camera & mic to the VSS-1 Super Skype system. Connect to the web & Skype, Google+ or WebEx via Wi-Fi or wired connections.

  • Operate the VSS-1 system via your iPad or iPhone . . . from around the room or nearby . . . or by the included wireless keyboard & mouse from the conference room table.

  • Initiate or receive the remote & mobile video & audio conferencing calls, using your conference room cameras, mics & screens.

The Options: You can upgrade your existing conference room system  . . . or get a complete new system:

  1. VSS-1 System - It's a stand-alone hardware/software add-on for your existing SD & HD conference room videoconferencing system. It allows video calls to & from PCs, Laptops, Macs and smart phones - iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc. - using Skype and Skype for Business (or any PC based system such as Google+, WebEx, etc.)
  2. Get a complete new HD & SD Room Videoconferencing System from Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Aver & Sony, upgraded with the VSS-1 System. Contact us for more info or click here to see our complete catalog

More Information:

Catalog Item List for the VSS-1 Super Skype systems & services

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