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Smart Money Tactics - SMT

There are lots of good videos on this YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/@SmartMoneyTactics - 437K subscribers 1.3K videos

The creators are  Greg Kononenko and Alen Sehovic. They are located in Sydney, Australia. G'Day Mate!

Alen ". . . will bring you as many ideas as possible for you to be able to make money from home other than a 9 to 5 job and become financially free. I will bring you content from all over the world that you can use. I am extremely passionate about helping people so hopefully I can make a difference in your life. If you like my videos please subscribe and click on the bell notification so you don't miss out on any opportunities. . ."  Greg has the YT channel - https://www.youtube.com/@CaffeinatedBlogger - 417K subscribers 265 videos.

Here's the latest popular video - November 6, 2023:

#1 is "AMAZON Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Make $25,000 & Get 80 Million Views Monthly
We've made a 1 minute shorts video from this first one.

Here's the shorts link: https://youtube.com/shorts/1dbnxmRIkwg

The original video is popular with 306 Views Per Hour (VPH), when
it was first published on November 6, 2023. On November 7, it's VPH is 197, it has a total of 6.1K views, and the video Title and Thumbnail changed a bit. now the title is "How To Make $25,000/Mo With Your Phone - AMAZON Affiliate Marketing For Beginners!" #amazonaffiliatemarketing #affiliatemarketing #amazonaffiliatemarketingforbeginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSQIP14sUIs is the link to the original 18- minute video.

Here's a Summary of the video, with the help of Glasp and Copilot:

  • The video covers an Amazon affiliate marketing strategy for beginners.
  • It shows a successful YouTube channel started in February 2023 and now receives over 75 million views every 30 days . . with just 42 videos.
  • This channel uses short videos to promote various products and drive traffic to Amazon through affiliate links.
  • Linktree, a free tool, is recommended for promoting affiliate products on multiple social media platforms. Here are some alternatives to www.linktr.ee
  • An advanced strategy is discussed involving sourcing and selling products directly.
  • This involves potentially creating a store for increased profits.
  • The potential for high commissions from affiliate marketing on Amazon is highlighted.
  • The video emphasizes simplicity and ease of entry for beginners in affiliate marketing.
  • Various examples of successful accounts using the strategy are shown on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

✅✅One way to adapt the new strategy from this video, is to focus on a particular product niche such as "Amazon Devices". We like and use these popular Devices . . . and we have found a way for you and your customers to get an 8% Rebate, a $10 signup bonus and more. Here's our link to the get the full details and the current deals.✅✅
 . . . It's easy to signup and you do not need an Amazon affiliate account or credit card.


SEO Keywords:

  1. Amazon affiliate marketing
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YouTube Keywords:

  1. Amazon affiliate marketing
  2. Beginners strategy
  3. YouTube channel
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  5. Linktree tool
  6. Social media promotion
  7. Sourcing products
  8. Amazon commissions
  9. Affiliate marketing for beginners
  10. YouTube success

Here are some alternatives to www.linktr.ee

Alternative Description URL
Koji Koji is a free Linktree alternative that offers a landing page with links to other sites and profiles. It also has a storefront to help you monetize your page, and takes a small cut of the revenue, ranging from 5 to 15%. https://withkoji.com/
Milkshake Milkshake is a simple landing page builder that is an app-only experience. Milkshake webpages are built out of cards that you swipe from side to side, and each card can feature different content, like links, your bio, and more. https://milkshake.app/
Tap Bio Tap Bio is a simple page builder to engage with your Instagram audience. https://tap.bio/
Shorby Shorby is an easy-to-use landing page builder that allows you to set up links, add social icons and contact info with just a few clicks. https://shorby.com/
Pallyy Pallyy is a powerful but affordable social media tool that includes a bio link tool, post scheduling, social inbox, analytics, and more. https://pallyy.com/

From - https://learnwithhasan.com/ai-keyword-research/

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. . .

 Here's one of the newest popular videos - October 11, 2023:

"How To Start Affiliate Marketing & Make $2,955 a Week Copying and Pasting (Easy Work)" - We've made a shorts video from this one. https://youtube.com/shorts/37HZ0yQPyb0?feature=share The original video has 453 Views Per Hour (VPH) on Oct 11 and 230 VPH today Oct 12 . It's has 6.8K views as of Oct 12, since it was published on Oct 11, 2023 #affiliatemarketing #clickbankaffiliatemarketing #clickbank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7l72xVFvbs

Here's a outline of the long video and the resources it recommends and uses:

  • The long original video outlines a straightforward affiliate marketing approach.
  • It shows a weight loss example, but the concepts can work for any niche, on ClickBank, Warrior plus, digistore24, etc.
  • The method relies on utilizing Blogger.com for creating a free website.
  • The key tools for building the free web site are ChatGPT and Blogger.
  • Blogger offers a range of designs, themes, and Google AdSense integration is also available.
  • The presenter highlights this strategy's cost-effectiveness and passive income potential.
  • The approach involves selecting and promoting various affiliate products.
  • Quora is introduced as the platform to drive free traffic to your free Blogger page.
  • The traffic method entails answering Quora questions and then embedding links in the Blogger page to the affiliate products.

. . .

Here's one of the newest popular videos - October 9, 2023:

We've made a shorts video from this one "CPA MARKETING: 10 Mins Daily Can Make YOU $2,890/Week! (No Selling)". The original video has 92 Views Per Hour (VPH) today.
The Original is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdRqvK7Fn0s
  It's 17 minutes long.

Our Shorts video is in our TZ Solutions YouTube channel at:  https://youtube.com/shorts/AtCCzsNi68s
Here's a recap and review of the video's strategy:

Summary in 10 bullet points:

  • The video discusses a CPA marketing strategy that can potentially earn $1,000 to $3,000 per week without selling anything or running paid ads.
  • CPA marketing stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition, where people complete specific actions like surveys, entering details, etc., to participate in sweepstakes or receive products.
  • The video suggests using CPA networks like CPA Grip, CPA Lead, and Offer Vault to find offers such as gift cards, surveys, and product promotions to promote as an affiliate.
  • It emphasizes the importance of driving traffic to these offers and suggests using platforms like Quora to write articles and embed affiliate links for promotion.
  • Consistency in posting articles on Quora is recommended to attract more clicks and potentially earn commissions from CPA offers.
  • The video also highlights the potential to offer free money through sweepstakes and gift cards, given the current economic climate.
  • CPA marketing allows individuals to earn commissions without making sales by having people complete specific actions.
  • The video provides insights into different CPA networks and how to find suitable offers for promotion.
  • It explains that affiliate marketers can earn a commission every time someone completes an action like entering their email address.
  • The video encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for more content and offers a free ultimate affiliate marketing guide.

. . .

MaxBounty Voted #1 CPA Network for 4th Time in OfferVault's Summer 2023 Survey - MaxBounty Blog

MaxBounty Horizontal Logo

Sign up to MaxBounty—the #1 ranked CPA network—and receive an automatic 10% bonus on your first affiliate payment!

Keywords for SEO:

  1. CPA marketing
  2. Free traffic strategy
  3. Earn $2,890 per week
  4. Cost per action
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. CPA networks
  7. Gift cards promotion
  8. Quora marketing
  9. Monetize posts
  10.   Consistency in content

Links Mentioned:

www.CPAGrip.com, www.CPALead.com, www.Offervault.com

Here is some information on the CPA platforms mentioned:

  1. CPA Grip: This platform offers a variety of monetization tools such as content lockers, URL lockers, video lockers, and offer walls. It has a minimum payment threshold ranging from $50 to $1,000 depending on the payment method 12.
  2. CPA Lead: This platform allows you to monetize your website or mobile app by locking your content behind an offer wall. It has a minimum payment threshold of $50 and pays out daily 34.
  3. Offervault: This platform is a free resource that helps affiliate marketers find the best affiliate programs, affiliate networks, and affiliate marketing resources. It provides a list of CPS (Cost Per Sale) or CPA (Cost Per Action) offers along with their payout rates and countries 5.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Learn more:

1. cpagrip.com  2. cpagrip.website  3. cpalead.com  4. cpalead.com  5. offervault.com  6. scam-detector.com  7. ippei.com  8. flyingstartonline.com  9. static.cpalead.com  10. cleveraffiliatesuccess.com

Here's some info on other popular CPA platforms:

CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing is a type of affiliate marketing where you get paid for driving people to take a specific action, such as filling out a form, signing up for a trial, submitting an email, purchasing a product, and more 1. Here are some popular CPA marketing platforms:

  1. MaxBounty: This platform offers high payouts and has a minimum payment threshold ranging from $50 to $1,000 depending on the payment method 23.
  2. CrakRevenue: This platform offers a wide range of CPA offers and has a minimum payment threshold of $100 23.
  3. ClickDealer: This platform offers CPA offers in various niches such as finance, health, and dating. It has a minimum payment threshold of $500 23.
  4. AdWork Media: This platform offers CPA offers in various niches such as gaming, finance, and dating. It has a minimum payment threshold of $35 24.
  5. Adscend Media: This platform offers CPA offers in various niches such as gaming, finance, and dating. It has a minimum payment threshold of $50 2.
  6. AdGate Media: This platform offers CPA offers in various niches such as gaming, finance, and dating. It has a minimum payment threshold of $50 2.
  7. Adscend Media: This platform offers CPA offers in various niches such as gaming, finance, and dating. It has a minimum payment threshold of $50 2.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Learn more:

1. nichepursuits.com  2. authorityhacker.com  3. influencermarketinghub.com  4. backlinko.com  5. nethustler.com  6. ads2020.marketing  7. nichepursuits.com  8. indeed.com  9. adsterra.com

 . . .

Here's one of the popular videos - September 11, 2023:

We've made a shorts video from this one "Affiliate Marketing 2023 - Copy & Paste MY VIDEOS To Make $3,668 a Week (Doesn't Get Easier)". The original video has 253 Views Per Hour (VPH) today.
The Original is at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQneJkLjm34  It's 11minutes long.

Our Shorts video is in our TZ Solutions YouTube channel at:  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Xs2tbztOosM 
Here's a recap and review of the video's strategy:

  • The video discusses an innovative affiliate marketing strategy for 2023.
  • The strategy involves copying and pasting the SMT creator's videos onto one's own social media profiles.
  • Affiliates can earn commissions by promoting the SMT creator's affiliate products.
  • To implement the strategy, users need to create an Instagram account, become an SMT affiliate, and potentially seek permission to use other people's videos.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to sign up for the creator's product as an SMT affiliate, share videos with proper credit, and include a call to action in their Instagram posts to drive sales and clicks.
  • The goal is to share high-view videos on Instagram, giving credit to the original content creator.
  • Users should sign up as affiliates for "Jet Video Academy" to earn commissions. A PayPal Business account is required. Thrivecart.com is used to track transactions. You can download the SMT Reels using the free site - Snapinsta.app - then upload the video Reels into your own Instagram account.
  • The affiliate link from Jet Video Academy is to be placed in your Instagram bio.
  • This strategy aims to leverage existing video content to earn money with minimal effort. Getting traffic to your Instagram page and some other issues are not addressed, however

Sign up as a Jet Video Academy affiliate here: https://ac10000--jetvideoacademy.thrivecart.com/jva-2022-get/  This is our affiliate link.

Here's one of their popular channel videos on August 3, 2023:

This Short outlines an updated SMT strategy  . . .

  1. Mimic successful YT channels.
  2. Use fliki.ai to quickly create the videos from text. https://fliki.ai?via=ac10000 is our affiliate link. Start fliki for free, no credit card  is required.
  3. Do the keyword research correctly, and add popular keywords to the title, and into the description of the video.
  4. Upload the videos to YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels. Put affiliate links in the YT descriptions and comments.

The full video uses examples from existing successful YouTube Channels - Facts Corridor https://www.youtube.com/@FactsCorridor  and Body Hub  - https://www.youtube.com/@BodyHub.

What are some good keywords for this YT shorts? Maybe, here are some likely keywords sorted by volume - AI, AI tools, ai video, AI video generator, AI art, generative ai, text to video ai, best ai tools, text to video, open ai, fliki, fliki ai, text to video ai free, world of warcraft dragonflight, ai text to video, free ai tools, ai video maker, ai technology, ai robots, fliki ai tutorial, text to video, ai generator, fliki ai review, world of warcraft shadowlands, flicki, text to video converter, flicky, world of warcraft, etc . . .

Some Promoterkit.com YouTube SEO Results: 09/11/23

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Some Promoterkit.com YouTube SEO Results: 8/2/23

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "ai","5618847","7.4 HIGH"
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"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

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"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

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"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

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What is the surprising connection between Fliki, Flicki and the World of Warcraft?

Flicki is a new pet battle opponent in Dragonflight. You can find Flicki on the zone map in the Azure Mountains once the world quest “The Grand Master” is available1Flicki is also a character in World of Warcraft with a level 70 Human Beast Mastery Hunter2. . . . from ChatGPT4/Bing:

Learn more: 1. wow.4fansites.de  2. worldofwarcraft.blizzard.com  3. worldofwarcraft.blizzard.com

More info on the fliki.ai affiliate program ChatGPT says Fliki.ai is a website that provides AI-powered image editing tools. It allows users to remove backgrounds from images, add filters, and more.

https://www.linkedin.com/company/fliki/ - Create audio and video content at scale with the power of generative AI.

. . .
Here are 2 of their popular channel videos on July 18, 2023:

This Short outlines an updated SMT strategy  . . .

  1. Mimic successful YT channels by promoting products found on KickStarter and Amazon.
  2. Use ChatGPT to write simple video scripts
  3. Use Invideo.io to create the videos
  4. Upload them to Youtube and put affiliate links in the descriptions and comments.

The full video uses examples from two existing successful YouTube Channels - Top Tech Now and TechZone:

Here's info on Top Tech Now https://www.youtube.com/@toptechnow9344


Here's info on  TechZone https://www.youtube.com/@tech___zone

The full SMT 32 minute video is at - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRyhE-LdRs0  -  "Easiest ChatGPT Side Hustle Anyone Can Start Today (Make Money Online 2023)"   #smartmoneytactics #makemoneywithchatgpt #chatgpt
 - 433K subscribers  5.3K views since July 17, 2023

As mentioned in our recent videos, there are now many AI tools that can create YouTube videos and shorts based on ChatGPT text inputs. e.g. VisionAI. For lots more Information, Links and Use Cases, check our website - https://www.tzmc.us/ai/visionai/  Use the Promotion Code VISIONADMIN to get 30% savings while it's still available!

Our recent Dave Nick Shorts suggests:

Create a Kit.co store https://kit.co/  to promote the products . . . kit.co works with Amazon and other platforms. You need affiliate accounts to earn commissions. Here's more info on kit.co - https://kit.co/for-creators  and https://help.kit.co/en/articles/6191479-best-practices  . . . .

Another alternative we suggest  is to use spreadsimple.com to create a kit as in our example for Amazon Devices - Save up to 8%, and get $10 Cash Back - ✅ https://amazon-devices.spread.name/   This example includes our affiliate links to BeFrugal and to Amazon. Here's our related website link to more info:
Get Rebates for Top Selling Amazon Devices - 2023 - most have an 8% rebate!
       You earn $10 on signing up and 8% cash back on most Amazon Devices. . . . including the top sellers!

Other videos in our Channel help you select some good products to promote, and help you to get views and traffic to the offers.

Some more notes from the Authors are at https://www.downloadmynotes.com

"Remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed... Most people trying to make money online make nothing. Always follow all rules and laws and have the right affiliate disclaimers and disclosures."

Here's the link to our Playlists including Recent videos - https://www.youtube.com/@tzsolutions/playlists

Here's the link to our some of our current recommended affiliate offers on a loop - https://tzmc.us/affiliates/step1.htm

Here the link to more info and background on Keywords and RankIQ - https://www.tzmc.us/keywords/

From the Promoterkit.com SEO Keyword Tool - https://promoterkit.com/tools/seo/keyword-research

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "kickstarter","40202","5.33 Medium"
  • "kickstarter fails","1681","6.5 HIGH"
  • "crowdfunding","30403","3.65 Medium"
  • "kickstarter campaigns","1269","1.83 Low"
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  • "what is kickstarter","2082","3.03 Medium"
  • "kickstarter tutorial","2900","3.02 Medium"
  • "kickstarter campaign","3862","1.74 Low"

. . .

Here's the most popular SMT video on July 10, 2023 - with 184 VPH (Views Per Hour). Click on the image below or this Link for our Short Recap for the video - https://youtube.com/shorts/oUusghPVEnw  . . . Check the links and relevant summary info below, and also in the Shorts Video Description. 

This Short outlines the 20+ minute video from SMT - Earn $44,800 a Month Creating FACELESS AI YouTube Shorts (Make Money With YouTube Shorts) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywqbB1gpJIU

The long SMT video shows how simple it is to create YouTube shorts using pre-made templates and pre-made videos in niches that are growing fast. Here are the key steps outlined:

  1. Start creating YouTube shorts using pre-made templates or pre-made videos, for an in demand niche.
  2. Choose the default option and click “Export.”
  3. InVideo.io will export the video onto your computer.
  4. Upload the video onto YouTube, and customize the title, keywords, tags and description for good search results, and to ensure people are able to find the video, and your related affiliate links for products/services.

Some related keywords from the promoterkit.com Youtube Keyword Tool:

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "earn by creating faceless ai youtube shorts","2046","4.94 Medium"
  • "faceless youtube channel","436565","4.74 Medium"
  • "make money with ai","327384","3.79 Medium"
  • "how to make money on youtube","127326","7.34 HIGH"
  • "make money on youtube","61685","7.2 HIGH"
  • "make money online","1683063","5.4 Medium"
  • "chatgpt","4653760","6.41 HIGH"
  • "youtube automation","1338088","2.38 Low"
  • "ai youtube channel","206381","5.48 Medium"
  • "how to make money online","1749570","5.86 Medium"

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "make money with youtube shorts","57794","4.67 Medium"
  • "make money with youtube shorts copy and paste","1892","3.95 Medium"
  • "make money online","1683063","5.4 Medium"
  • "youtube shorts monetization","170458","5.64 Medium"
  • "youtube shorts","1030392","9.64 HIGH"
  • "make money with youtube shorts without showing your face","1296","5.08 Medium"
  • "how to make money with youtube shorts","30046","4.19 Medium"
  • "make money with youtube shorts 2023","1283","4.75 Medium"
  • "how to make money online","1749570","5.86 Medium"
  • "youtube shorts monetization 2023","10040","3.76 Medium"

Note that there are many AI tools that can create YouTube videos and shorts based on text inputs, in addition to invideo.io used in this video. Here are some of the best ones that Bing ChatGPT4 found:

  • GliaCloud: This tool can create videos from existing text content in minutes. You just need to upload your article or post the URL, and it will automatically generate an engaging video. You can then preview and edit the script, add a soundtrack, and download your video.1
  • Synthesia: This tool can create videos using AI avatars that speak your text in over 120 languages. You can choose from more than 140 avatars or create your own, type or paste your script, and select a narration style or accent. You can also translate your videos directly from Synthesia.1
  • InVideo: This tool can create videos from text using templates that are professionally designed and animated. You can customize the templates with your own images, videos, music, voiceovers, and text. You can also use InVideo’s AI to suggest the best visuals and music for your text.1
  • VEED.IO: This tool can create videos from text using AI voiceovers that sound natural and realistic. You can choose from different voices, languages, and accents, and adjust the speed and tone of the voice. You can also add subtitles, animations, effects, and music to your videos.1
  • Lumen5: This tool can create videos from text using AI to match the best visuals and music to your content. You can choose from millions of stock media assets or upload your own, and edit the video with drag-and-drop tools. You can also optimize your videos for different platforms and formats.1

These are just some of the AI tools that can create YouTube videos and shorts based on text inputs. You can check out more options on this website1 or try out this online tool2 that can generate videos from text prompts using AI.

Learn more: 1. makeuseof.com   2. kapwing.com   3. predis.ai

. . .

Here are the 3 popular SMT videos on 6/28/23. Click on the image or this Link for our Short Recap for video 1 . . . There are lots of links and relevant info below, and in the Shorts Video Description.

This Short outlines the 22+ minute video from Smart Money Tactics -  I Used A.I To Create a FREE Affiliate Marketing Website That Makes $1,195 Again and Again - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEQlnHuOVA4&t=925s

The Smart Money Tactics channel has 428K+ subscribers and 1.3K videos

 The key steps outlined in the videos are:

  • 1.     How to quickly create a free website, using Google Sites and ChatGPT.

  • 2.     Selecting promising ClickBank products to promote via affiliate marketing.

  • 3.     How to promote the products by driving free Quora traffic to your website.

The long video has a detailed example showing all the steps needed for a product in a health & fitness, and Keto sub-niche.

Google Sites is a free website builder that allows you to create and publish websites quickly and easily. To get started, you can go to Google Sites and sign in with your Google account. Once you’re signed in, you can start creating your website by choosing a template or starting with a blank page. You can add text, images, videos, and other elements to your website using the drag-and-drop interface.

Learn more:

 1.       https://www.hostinger.com/tutorials/build-website-with-chatgpt/ - How to Quickly Build a WordPress Website with ChatGPT (hostinger.com)

2.  2.     Can ChatGPT build a website? Yes, here's how to do it | WePC - https://www.wepc.com/tips/can-chat-gpt-build-a-website-how-to/

3.  3.     https://create.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/articles/how-to-use-chatgpt-for-content-creation - AI + you: How to use ChatGPT for content creation | Learn at Microsoft Create

4.  4.      https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/12/06/how-to-use-chatgpt-to-code-build-a-website-and-write-social-media-posts/ - How to use Chat GPT to code, build a website and write social media posts (hitc.com)

5.  5.     https://medium.com/codingthesmartway-com-blog/build-a-complete-website-using-chatgpt-in-1-minute-16edef87bc30 - Build a Complete Website Using ChatGPT in 1 Minute | by Sebastian | CodingTheSmartWay | Medium

Quora is a question-and-answer platform that covers a wide range of topics. According to ClickBank, Quora has over 300 million monthly active users, making it a valuable target audience for affiliates. There are many questions on Quora that could be answered and helped by products or services on ClickBank or other affiliate marketing platforms. For example, if someone asks a question about how to lose weight, an affiliate marketer could provide an answer that includes a link to a weight loss product on ClickBank. Another example is if someone asks for advice on how to start an online business. An affiliate marketer could provide an answer that includes a link to a course on ClickBank that teaches people how to start an online business. In general, affiliate marketers can use Quora to promote their products or services by answering questions related to their niche and including links to their products or services in their answers.

Learn more:
1. https://www.quora.com - login via your google or facebook account.
2. udemy.com

3. supermetrics.com

. . .

Here's more on this strategy from Flavian Mwasi -  https://www.quora.com/Can-you-really-make-significant-money-using-affiliate-marketing

A few . . . " Quora posts or SubReddits . . .  get thousands of views. Quora, Reddit or any other social media networks or forums will not allow affiliate links on their platform.

Just write a good article on Medium and send the traffic there. You will not get banned by Medium if you place your affiliate links there, as long as you obey the rules of Medium. Your articles should be at least 2,000 words long, otherwise you won’t get any traction. Do the same for other publishing platforms and there are tons of them if you Google.

Now, don’t just write one article on Quora and another one on Medium and expect to get any meaningful results. Remember, many of your viewers are skeptical and they’ll not click your links. Post at least 10 articles per day on either platform and before long you’ll begin to see real results."

"Here are just a few other sources of FREE traffic.

  1. Subreddits on Reddit.
  2. Facebook groups
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Twitter
  6. Tumblr
  7. Pinterest
  8. Craigslist
  9. Forums (see FindAForum)
  10. Quora
  11. Medium.com

The real magic begins when you start using paid traffic.

There are paid traffic platforms including Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads, RevContent, AdRoll, BuySellAds, Voluum, Advertize, AdBlade, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, AdRecover, and hundreds of other PPC (Pay per Click) networks.

Some of the best PPC and Native ad networks include:

  1. MGID
  2. Outbrain
  3. Taboola
  4. RTX Platform
  5. AdNow


Here are some related Keywords, Search Volumes and Competition Scores from the www.promoterkit.com Youtube Keyword Tool:

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "google sites","95688","4.17                         Medium"

  • "google sites tutorial","48376","4.02                         Medium"

  • "how to use google sites","3632","3.51                         Medium"

  • "google sites tutorial for beginners","1522","4.13                         Medium"

  • "google sites tips and tricks","4871","5.12                         Medium"

  • "new google sites","2592","3.33                         Medium"

  • "google sites advanced tutorial","23030","3.28                         Medium"

  • "google sites for teachers","1457","2.63                         Medium"

  • "google sites tips","7369","2.19                         Low"

  • "google sites tutorial 2020","1713","4.05                         Medium"

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "clickbank","459244","2.55                         Medium"

  • "clickbank affiliate marketing","137337","2.88                         Medium"

  • "clickbank for beginners","14095","2.94                         Medium"

  • "clickbank tutorial","24829","2.98                         Medium"

  • "how to make money on clickbank","3211","2.96                         Medium"

  • "make money on clickbank","2269","2.97                         Medium"

  • "clickbank university","1197","1.95                         Low"

  • "make money on clickbank for free","1364","3.12                         Medium"

  • "how to promote clickbank products","4411","1.83                         Low"

  • "how to make money with clickbank","2818","2.83                         Medium"

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "quora","65105","7.46                         HIGH"

  • "quora marketing","7379","1.08                         Low"

  • "how to make money on quora","2762","1.38                         Low"

  • "how to use quora","2865","1.65                         Low"

  • "quora tutorial","2141","2.05                         Low"

  • "quora se paise kaise kamaye","28751","2.88                         Medium"

  • "quora tutorial for beginners","1947","1.86                         Low"

  • "make money with quora","1424","1.42                         Low"

  • "make money from quora","2074","1.36                         Low"

  • "quora affiliate marketing","43169","1.52                         Low"

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "weight loss secrets","1220","6.96                         HIGH"

  • "weight loss tips","105346","6.75                         HIGH"

  • "weight loss","773865","8.47                         HIGH"

  • "weight loss secrets revealed","1328","5.89                         Medium"

  • "weight loss secrets for women","2048","7.22                         HIGH"

  • "how to lose weight","240177","8.35                         HIGH"

  • "lose weight","183199","9.01                         HIGH"

  • "how to lose weight fast","419640","9.08                         HIGH"

  • "weight loss diet","116358","8.2                         HIGH"

  • "healthy weight loss","2641","8.2                         HIGH"

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "keto","188521","6.36                         HIGH"

  • "keto diet","276449","6.79                         HIGH"

  • "ketogenic diet","22403","6.6                         HIGH"

  • "ketogenic","1961","6.61                         HIGH"

  • "keto recipes","139254","6.35                         HIGH"

  • "keto meals","24217","6.4                         HIGH"

  • "keto food","1993","6.64                         HIGH"

  • "ketosis","11525","5.03                         Medium"

  • "keto diet for beginners","47945","7.1                         HIGH"

  • "cheap keto","2556","5.11                         Medium"

. . .

Here are 3 of the popular videos on 6/23/23. Click on the image for our Short Recap for video 1 . . . There are lots of links and relevant info below and in the Shorts Video Description.

New Tools and Platforms for Making Money by Chatting & Texting Online Uncovered. This Short outlines the 13 minute video from Smart Money Tactics - "Get Paid $2,250 A Day To TEXT On Your Phone! Earn $500 FAST | Make Money Online!" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ige8LDFgI0

The long video has 8K+ views since Jun 22, 2023 #makemoneyonline #workfromhome #smartmoneytactics - Smart Money Tactics has 426K+ subscribers

This short and the long video are about making money online by getting paid to chat or text. You can earn money by chatting/texting online in different ways such as working as a chat operator, a customer service agent, or a webcam chat model, or as a consultant as outlined in these videos. Depending on the platform and the service, the income can vary from $2 per minute to a fixed hourly rate - ref 1.

It is possible to earn as much as **$8 per minute** that you chat online. If you chat for 60 minutes, you can earn as much as **$288 every single day**. If you chat for three hours, you can make as much as $864 - ref 2.

There are many platforms that offer this service and some of them are Palfish, Cambly, NiceTalk, Premium Chat and Fiverr 34. The best part is that you can get set up and started making money today with no setup costs or monthly fees - ref 2. The chat platform focused on the the videos is www.premium.chat - refs 7,8.

You can add messaging to your website, mobile apps, social, and business channels so customers can reach you instantly. Please note that some platforms require a certain level of comfort with talking to lonely people or venting strangers - ref 1. Also, please be aware of scams and do your research before signing up for any platform.

Learn more with these references:

1. projectuntethered.com - https://www.projectuntethered.com/get-paid-to-chat/

2. dreamshala.com - https://www.dreamshala.com/get-paid-to-chat-online/

3. moneypantry.com - https://moneypantry.com/get-paid-to-chat/

4. outandbeyond.com - https://outandbeyond.com/get-paid-to-chat/

5. thisworkfromhomelife.com - https://thisworkfromhomelife.com/get-paid-to-chat-online/

6. gigworker.com - https://gigworker.com/get-paid-to-chat/

7. premium.chat - https://premium.chat/ac10000 - our premium.chat affiliate link

8. premium.chat referral program - https://premium.chat/blog/increase-your-revenue-with-premium-chats-two-tier-referral-program/

  1. Being Successful on Premium.Chat

  2. Promote Like a Pro: Tips and Techniques

  3. Important tips on How to Set Yourself Up for Success with Premium.chat


Premium.chat has published 3 great guides to help you build your success: Being Successful on Premium.Chat Promote Like a Pro: Tips and Techniques Important tips on How to Set Yourself Up for Success with Premium.chat

From promoterkit.com YouTube Keyword Tool

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

"get paid to text","1363","3.72 Medium" "get paid to text on your phone","1102","1.04 Low" "make money online","1590582","6.26 HIGH" "how to make money online","1558084","5.55 Medium" "earn money online","691262","5.37 Medium" "get paid to text someone","684","0 Low" "get paid to text 2019","631","0.84 Low" "get paid to text online","1235","0 Low" "make money","562709","5.95 Medium" "work from home jobs","256884","4.81 Medium"

"Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

"get paid to chat","583","2.61 Medium" "get paid to chat online","1300","2.45 Low" "get paid to chat with strangers","835","2.49 Low" "make money online","1590582","6.26 HIGH" "earn money online","691262","5.37 Medium" "how to make money online","1558084","5.55 Medium" "work from home","497657","9.96 HIGH" "work from home jobs","256884","4.81 Medium" "make money from home","34948","6.57 HIGH" "make money online 2022","3018","6.12 HIGH"

. . .

Here's another popular 29 minute video on 6/14/23. Click on the image for our Short Recap:

. . .
Here are three of their popular videos on 6/8/23:

We've made a shorts video from the first one on our TZ Solutions YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/gqbFHW-aI_k 

This Short is a new, updated AI strategy, where you can convert some articles into videos, legally, and how to start to make money with affiliate marketing using these new AI tools. It's an intro & recap of the full 26 minute video from Smart Money Tactics - How to Convert Articles into Viral Videos - AI Tools Unveiled - Earn with Affiliate Marketing Jun 7, 2023 #makemoneyonline #affiliatemarketing #smartmoneytactics  
It shows how to use Google’s advanced search feature to find articles that are free to use and share online. Once you find an article,
you can copy the URL and paste it into an AI-powered tool, fliki.ai, that will create a video for you. You can then take these videos and create short-form content, or long-form content, that you can upload onto platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Rumble, and Pinterest. The full video helps you add your affiliate links and how to find promising products.

Access Fliki AI Tool Here:

The other tools used and shown in the full video are:

  • www.clickbank.com - for affiliate offers.
  • www.linktr.ee - to group offers in one place.
  • www.tinyurl.com - to get long links shortened and approved.
  • TikTok - at least 1,000 followers are needed in order put your linktr.ee link there.
  • Instagram - you can put your affiliate linktr.ee inside your bio now/asap.
  • YouTube - put your affiliate links inside your descriptions and comments asap.
  • rumble.com - put your affiliate links inside your descriptions and comments asap.
  • pinterest.com - add your affiliate links inside the destination link web page or blog post.

From the Promoterkit.com YouTube Keyword Tool -  "Keyword","Search Volume","Difficulty"

  • "text to video","274970","3.82 Medium"
  • "text to video ai","322037","3.61 Medium"
  • "text to video ai generator","33905","3.36 Medium"
  • "text to video ai free","106487","4.58 Medium"
  • "text to video converter","2291","3.19 Medium"
  • "ai video generator","753623","3.85 Medium"
  • "text to video maker","1889","4.39 Medium"
  • "ai video maker","56132","4.74 Medium"
  • "text to video converter online","1582","2.96 Medium"
  • "ai video editing","458087","4 Medium"
. . .

The next recommended video in the series is - How to use ClickBank to make $528 per day by just Copying and Pasting . . . https://www.youtube.com/shorts/_FUAbRDDYCc . . .

Here's the link to our Playlists including Recent videos - https://www.youtube.com/@tzsolutions/playlists

Here's the link to our some of our current recommended affiliate offers on a loop - https://tzmc.us/affiliates/step1.htm

Here the link to more info and background on Keywords and RankIQ - https://www.tzmc.us/keywords/

. . .

Here are three of the popular SMT videos 6/5/23:

We've made a shorts video from the first one on our TZ Solutions channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FUAbRDDYCc 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • blogger.com is going to allow us to create a very simple free website where we can put up many different types of Clickbank products in any niche.
  • A traffic source we're going to be using is absolutely for free, Quora. . . and the video has the steps to do it with the help of chatGPT.
  • You can use your own domain and . . . you can even get paid through Google Adsense.

. . .

Here are two of the popular SMT videos on 6/2/23:

We've made a shorts video from the first one on our TZ Solutions channel at: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/QWXmh8_VHuo 

The specific free tools used in this video are:

 in the video are:

  • 👉noxinfluencer.com and socialblade.com - for the income estimates
  • 👉pexels.com - for free videos and images
  • 👉pixabay.com - for free videos and images
  • 👉vectezzy.com - for free videos and images
  • 👉studio.youtube.com/channel/ . . ./music/ - for the free background music tracks

The second video is focused on t-shirt niche . . . a bit outside our area of interest!

. . .

Here's How Greg and Alen Started...

Alen Hexagon

"Hi, nice to meet you! We're Greg Kononenko and Alen Sehovic and we're from Sydney, Australia. We've been family friends for over twenty years. We're just two regular guys in our early 40's who were sick of our mind-numbing day jobs.  4 years ago, we decided it was time to quit our corporate jobs. So we studied nearly every single YouTube course out there. After many months, we came up with a formula which we hoped would help us grow our channels, starting from zero subscribers. We uploaded our first video, and to our total shock, the video got around 20 views overnight. We were stoked! "The Formula" worked!" Here's the link to their training course: Buy Jet Video Academy | Access Special Discount – Jet Video Academy https://www.jetvideoacademy.com/jva-2022-access/  


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