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Liam Ottley - AI Automation Agencies (AAA)

Building an AI Sales Bot to Call Leads For Me - 26 minutes - 38,158 views as of March 21. Liam Ottley  184K subscribers. This video premiered Mar 14, 2024. Liam, from MorningSide AI, develops an innovative and powerful AI bot to automate lead calling, aiming to save time and resources spent on manual outreach. The bot is designed to interact with leads, qualify them based on specific criteria, and schedule discovery calls accordingly.


The video explores the effectiveness of AI voice platforms for lead conversion and customer engagement. Liam demonstrates the process of setting up the AI bot for outbound calling, highlighting its potential to streamline lead generation and customer engagement processes. The setup involves creating a form to collect lead information, integrating it with AI platforms, and automating actions such as sending emails with booking links based on lead responses. Here's the link to a demo of the system. Some of the key resources/links 🔗 Air AI:  Make:  Twilio:  

How to Start an Online AI Business as a Beginner in 2024 - 1.5 hrs - 20,420 views . Premiered Mar 15, 2024 Liam Ottley  174K subscribers. This video premiered Mar 3, 2024.  

  • This long video aims to guide beginners on starting an AI business in 2024
  • Liam highlights the current AI super cycle as a unique opportunity for individuals to thrive in the AI space, emphasizing the need to navigate through hype to find real opportunities.
  • The content is divided into four chapters, covering topics such as determining if starting an AI business is suitable, exploring different types of AI businesses, sharing personal experiences, and providing a step-by-step guide for beginners.
  • Liam shares insights from his own journey, including the establishment of four successful AI businesses, such as an AI development company and an AI business community.
  • The video encourages taking action, emphasizing that various AI businesses can be started with different levels of development experience and expertise, and that participants can build connections, skills, and wealth by actively engaging in the AI space.
  • Here are some of the key items covered and their timestamps:
    • 13:57 - Why Start an AI Business?
    • 19:58 - Chapter 2: 5 Types of AI Businesses
    • 20:32 - AI Business #1 - AI Consulting
    • 25:17 - AI Business #2 - AI Education Business
    • 30:33 - AI Business #3 - AI Agency
    • 36:37 - AI Business #4 - AI SaaS
    • 39:27 - AI Business #5 - AI Freelancing
    • 41:34 - How AI Businesses Are Connected
    • 52:52 - Chapter 3: AI Business Core Skills
    • 53:21 - Skill #1 - Prompt Engineering
    • 59:52 - Skill #2 - Understanding APIs
    • 1:10:25 - Skill #3 - Tool Creation
    • 1:22:41 - Skill #4 - AI Auditing
    • 1:24:50 - Skill #5 - ChatGPT Coding
    • 1:27:49 - Skill #6 - Content Creation
    • 1:29:18 - Chapter 4: Step-by-Step Launch Guide - AI Liam

. . .

The BEST Niches for AI Automation Agencies - 21 min video - Liam Ottley 178K subscribers. Subscribed 3.4K  85,807 views as of March 12, 2024. This video premiered Jun 16, 2023. Here's an edited summary of the video via Glasp:

1. Introduction to AI Automation Agency:
• The video is aimed at beginners interested in starting their own AI automation agency.
• The speaker, Liam Ottley, emphasizes the importance of choosing a niche for targeting specific audiences and solving their problems.

2. Liam Ottley's Background:
• Liam Ottley runs an AI development and AI automation agency called Morningside AI in Dubai.
• He shares his personal results, indicating a profit of $45,000 in the previous month, with a goal to reach $100,000 in revenue for June.

3. Advantages of AI Automation Agencies:
• AI automation agencies are presented as the best on-ramp for entrepreneurs entering the AI space, offering a middle ground between resource-intensive startups and gimmicky businesses.
• Liam highlights the hands-on experience, rapid learning, and early mover advantage in AI technology, especially for those running AI automation agencies.

4. Original AI Program and Niche Selection Criteria:
• Liam introduces the "Original 8" coaching program for community members interested in starting their AI automation agency.
• Criteria for selecting a niche are discussed, emphasizing the importance of

  • the Purchasing Power of the niche,
  • an easy to target and reach niche audience,
  • a niche vulnerable to AI disruption or optimization, and
  • personal familiarity with the niche

5. Examples of Specific Niches and Deliverables:
• Liam provides four examples of specific niches and services within them, illustrating the importance of specificity in targeting and delivering services.
• Examples include

  • an internal knowledge and tool bot for SMMAs
  • an AI-integrated ultra-personalized email flows for tax law firms
  • 24/7 AI coaches for wealth coaches, etc.
  • lead nurturing and capture bots for SaaS businesses in HR etc.

Note: The content includes details about Liam's personal experiences, achievements, and his coaching program, as well as insights into AI automation agencies and niche selection.

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How to Add Custom GPTs to Any Website in Minutes (OpenAI GPTs Tutorial) - 14 mins

Liam Ottley 112K subscribers 

144,077 views Premiered Nov 11, 2023
In this video I walk you through how to add custom GPTs to any website in minutes with the new OpenAI GPTs Updates. This build includes the new OpenAI GPTs Knowledge Base, and custom functions with function calling. With the release of the new OpenAI upgrades, knowing how to create custom GPTs will be an extremely important skill for those wanting to make money with these OpenAI releases.

If you're a beginner wanting to learn how to build OpenAI custom GPTs and sell them under your existing AI Automation Agency, or you're looking to start an agency and want to learn how to create your own custom GPTs to sell to businesses, then this video will be extremely valuable.

Here's a summary via Glasp:

1. **Introduction to Custom GPTs:** The video tutorial explains how to add custom GPTs to any website quickly, addressing the demand from users who want to use their GPTs beyond the ChatGPT site.

2. **Key Distinction Between ChatGPT and Assistant API:** It emphasizes the difference between GPTs created on the ChatGPT website (consumer-oriented, non-programmable) and the more powerful Assistant API, designed for business applications and programmable functionalities.

3. **Focus on Assistant API's Business Applications:** The tutorial highlights the significance of OpenAI's Assistant API for real-world applications, providing insights into how to build and sell GPTs integrated into various aspects of daily life.

4. **Tutorial Example - Sales Rep Training Assistant:** The video walks through the creation of a custom knowledge chatbot, specifically a sales rep training assistant. It covers the process of using Assistant API to connect this chatbot to a website through a chat bubble widget.

5. **Practical Implementation Steps:** The tutorial provides a step-by-step guide, including creating a custom knowledge chatbot, connecting it to Voiceflow as the front end, and running the system using a provided Replit template. It also guides users on obtaining and incorporating an OpenAI API key for successful implementation.

Here's a summary via Glasp:

1. **Introduction to the Opportunity:**
- OpenAI has released a new product, GPTs, considered the biggest AI opportunity of 2024.
- Companies like Shopify, Snapchat, and Canva are already adopting these customized chat GPTs.

2. **Three Key Ingredients for GPT Creation:**
- **Prompting:** Instructions to the AI on behavior and tone.
- **Knowledge:** Users can add their files (PDFs, docs, etc.) for the AI to draw from.
- **Actions:** Custom capabilities or actions, beyond standard responses.

3. **Opportunity 1: GPT Store Marketplace:**
- OpenAI is launching a marketplace where users can create and list their GPTs.
- Revenue sharing for popular GPTs is promised, but beware of potential marketplace dynamics.
- Strategy: Create unique GPTs using private data or APIs for long-term profitability.

4. **Opportunity 2: Custom GPTs for Businesses:**
- Building and implementing tailored GPT solutions for businesses is a lucrative opportunity.
- The Assistant API, catering to businesses, holds more value than consumer-oriented GPTs.
- Strategy: Specialize in AI agency solutions, offer free builds or audits, and narrow the target audience.

5. **Opportunity 3: Freelance GPT Strategy and Development:**
- Developers specializing in GPT strategy and development are in demand.
- As businesses seek GPT solutions, freelancers with coding skills are essential.
- Strategy: Use Python skills to programmatically build GPTs, join communities, and build a personal brand as a GPT specialist.

. . .

OpenAI GPTs Just Killed AI Automation Agencies (My New Plan) - YouTube  12:26 mins

Liam Ottley 112K subscribers - 37,597 views Premiered Nov 9, 2023 Here's a summary via Glasp:

1. **OpenAI GPTs Announcement Impact:**
- The OpenAI GPT announcement is seen as a significant development that may disrupt the AI automation agency model.
- The speaker expresses concern about the impact on existing AI businesses and the need for adaptation in the changed landscape.
- Emphasis is placed on the transformative nature of OpenAI's updates, suggesting a shift in the AI business environment.

2. **GPTs Features and Customization:**
- OpenAI introduces GPTs, custom versions of ChatGPT, allowing users to build their own AI assistants within the ChatGPT interface.
- GPT customization involves four key ingredients: prompting, knowledge components, memory improvement, and the introduction of actions for custom functionality.
- The GPTs aim to simplify the process of tailoring AI to specific products or companies, fulfilling a demand expressed by businesses.

3. **GPT Enhancements:**
- GPT-4 receives a substantial upgrade, reaching 128,000 tokens, with improvements in speed, cost-effectiveness, and intelligence over a larger context window.
- OpenAI introduces GPT Vision, enabling language models to interact with images, expanding the capabilities of language models beyond text.

4. **Impact on AI Agencies:**
- The fundamental opportunity for AI agencies remains unchanged: facilitating the integration of AI technology into businesses.
- The speaker contends that OpenAI's updates make service delivery for AI agencies more straightforward by integrating knowledge and action components, benefiting agency owners.

5. **Opportunities for AI Agencies:**
- The speaker identifies a massive opportunity for AI agencies to specialize in GPT development for businesses, offering services to set up, manage, and enhance GPT systems.
- Despite the ease of setting up GPTs, agencies can still provide value by bridging the knowledge gap and creating custom actions for businesses, positioning themselves as essential in the AI adoption process.

. . .

Expert AI Developer Explains What OpenAI 'GPTs' Mean For Businesses - - 39 mins

19,685 views since Nov 9, 2023 In this video, Liam Ottley speaks with the CTO of Morningside AI, Spencer Porter about the recent OpenAI DevDay announcements, particularly 'GPTs' and GPTVision and their ramifications of businesses looking to implement AI technology.

The release of OpenAI custom 'GPTs' promises to reshape the chatbot industry, but there are significant limitations that need to be acknowledged in the short term.

Morningside AI is your full-cycle AI development partner, from concept to production and beyond. If you'd like to learn more about how AI technology can benefit your business, you can get in touch with Liam, Spencer and the team here:

Liam's Main Channel: Liam Ottley - YouTube / @liamottley

Here's a summary from Glasp:

  1. Introduction of the Expert AI Developer: The conversation involves the host and CTO Spencer discussing OpenAI's Dev Day announcements, particularly focusing on GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers).
  2. GPT Customization for Specific Use Cases: GPTs are discussed as customized versions of Chat GPT for specific use cases in businesses. The aim is to lower entry barriers, allowing people to create custom implementations of GPT technology.
  3. Revenue Sharing and Monetization: OpenAI's decision to share revenue for customized GPT implementations is highlighted. The discussion suggests potential monetization opportunities for businesses using GPT technology.
  4. Shift in Market Dynamics: The conversation touches on a shift in the market from freewheeling conversational chatbots to a more targeted approach using LLMs (large language models) as a semantic layer between tools and users.
  5. Considerations for Businesses Adopting GPT Technology: The experts discuss considerations for businesses adopting GPT technology, emphasizing the importance of balancing innovation with low-risk implementations and highlighting potential opportunities in data engineering and unconventional datasets.

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There are lots of interesting videos and free resources on the YouTube Channel ➡️  Liam Ottley - YouTube -  The channel has 101K subscribers and 52 videos as of 2023/10/06.
The channel has 92.5K subscribers and 47 videos as of 2023/09/03.
It had 80.7K subscribers and 44 videos as of 2023/08/09.

We've made a new Shorts video
➡️  Introducing Liam's - "7 NEW AI Automation Services to Sell as a Beginner".
The full video is 23 minutes long, and it's very popular! It has 288 Views per Hour (VPH) as of today - 9/3/23.

➡️ The full video discusses the specifics of seven new AI automation agency services, that are especially suitable for beginners or new AAA's in 2023.

  • Liam emphasizes the importance of avoiding wasted effort and offers insights based on his experience in the AI automation industry.
  • The video includes Three General AI automation systems:
    • an automated referral system,
    • a standard operating procedures (SOP) organization system, and
    • a product matching system.
  • There are Four specific industry-focused services mentioned:
    • an e-commerce shopping assistant,
    • a car rental chatbot system,
    • a pool cleaning lead generation chatbot system, and
    • a restaurant automation chatbot system.
  • The video has lots of free resources and templates. It also promotes the creator's AAA accelerator program, which provides comprehensive resources and coaching for those interested in starting, and scaling, their AI automation agencies.
  • Software Mentioned
  • All Liam's Free AAA Resources: ➡️

Liam and the AAA Resources also reference Alex Hormozi's new book - "$100M Leads: How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff".

His first book is - "$100M Offers: How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No"

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How to Start an AI Automation Agency (AAA)  Liam's full beginners guide on how to start an AI Automation Agency as a beginner. This playlist includes how to find your first AI Automaton Agency client, what you can sell as an AI Automation

  • Service #1AI consulting for clients who need guidance and support on AI projects.
  • Service #2AI implementation for clients who need hands-on assistance with AI development and deployment.
  • Service #3AI training for clients who need to learn and master AI skills and techniques.
  • Service #4AI support for clients who need ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting for their AI systems.
  • Service #5AI automation for clients who need to scale and automate their AI processes and workflows.
  • Service #6: AI Persona & Agent Chatbot Implementation

. . .

Liam's Background:

Liam Ottley is an AI developer and entrepreneur who is the creator of the AI Automation Agency (AAA) model.

He has a YouTube channel with over 87.5K subscribers where he shares tutorials on how to get started with building AI apps. 

Liam’s channel is a great resource for anyone looking to understand the basics and intricacies of AI automation 1.

You can find more information about Liam Ottley on his GitHub profile 1 2.

Learn more:

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.

. . .

Liam Ottley is a well-known entrepreneur and creator of the AI Automation Agency (AAA) model. 

He is originally from New Zealand and currently resides in Dubai 12.

 Learn more: 1. 2. 3. 4.

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From ChatGPT4: What are the most popular use cases for AI in business now, and what are the trends for 2023?

According to Forbes Advisor survey, businesses are using AI across a wide range of areas. The most popular applications include customer service, with 56% of respondents using AI for this purpose, and cybersecurity and fraud management, adopted by 51% of businesses1.

In addition, the latest annual McKinsey Global Survey on the current state of AI confirms the explosive growth of generative AI (gen AI) tools. Less than a year after many of these tools debuted, one-third of their survey respondents say their organizations are using gen AI regularly in at least one business function. The expected business disruption from gen AI is significant, and respondents predict meaningful changes to their workforces. They anticipate workforce cuts in certain areas and large reskilling efforts to address shifting talent needs2.

Forbes also has an article that lists the top 5 biggest artificial intelligence (AI) trends in 2023 which includes 
AI-powered decision-making

AI-powered cybersecurity

AI-powered customer service

AI-powered marketing
, and 
AI-powered supply chain management
 among others

Learn more: 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

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