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VoIP Unified Communication Services for SMBs, large organizations and consumers

  • Cut your monthly phone bills significantly?
  • Improve communications and collaboration in your organization?

SMBs, large organizations and consumers are used to paying around $50 for landline service.

We can offer new VOIP services with many features and benefits for much less . . . You get big savings and a big increase in features and benefits per line.


NEVER MISS A CALL WITH VOIP -  A customer called your company landline but could not reach anyone and ended up signing up with a competitor? If this sounds familiar, you certainly understand the importance of an always available, always reachable team. So do we.

With SherWeb Cloud PBX, you get all the phone features you need for your business, with low upfront costs and no hardware or software to maintain. Whether you’re operating from a single office or different locations in your city, state, or country, you get an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system to make you and all your clients happy. Moreover, you & your mobile employees can be reached while on the go through your company phone number.

It's a Worry-Free VoIP Solution. Our solution relies on carrier-grade multi-redundant class 4/5 switches coupled with a chain of US & Canadian telecom carriers. This multi-carrier setup provides the necessary redundancy to guarantee our 99.999% SLA.

Free App for Desktop & Mobile Calls. Free 24/7 Customer Support. No Local PBX to Install. Monthly Subscription per User. No Cancellation Fee. No Wiring Required. High Quality IP Phones. Multi-Carrier Solution. Voice and Video over IP

Here's an example of the current simplified pricing in USD:


  • $33 USD per month Premium Cloud PBX  -  1 phone number
  • 40+ features + 1 extension included
  • 2,500 minutes*

  • $22 USD per month for added Extensions - Add as many as you need
  • 1 user 250 minutes*

    *All minutes are pooled together. All features included on each extension.

    With SherWeb Cloud PBX, you get HD Voice IP Phones from certified brands.

    We pre-configure all phones prior to shipping, so all you need is plug and play.

GXP1610 Grandstream GXP1610 Small-Medium Business IP Phone $45.00
GXP2135 Grandstream GXP2135 Multi-line High Performance IP Phone $115.00
GXP2140 Grandstream GXP2140 Enterprise 4-Line IP Phone $139.00
GXP2170 Grandstream GXP2170 Enterprise HD IP Telephone $159.00
GXP1630 - Basic IP Phone
GXP2135 - Advanced IP Phone
GXP2140 - Executive IP Phone
GXP2170 - Executive IP Phone


Grandstream Catalog & Discount Price List

T21P-E2 - Basic IP Phone
T27G - Advanced IP Phone
T42S - Advanced IP Phone
T46S - Executive IP Phone
5V, 1.2A - PS for Yealink T21, T27 and T42 Phones
5V, 2A - PS for Yealink T46 Phones

Yealink Catalog & Discount Price List

SIP-T46S Yealink SIP-T46S IP Phone (PoE) - Without Power Supply $269.00
SIP-T42S Yealink SIP-T42S - 12-Line IP Phone (PoE) - Without Power Supply $179.00
SIP-T27G Yealink Enterprise SIP Phone SIP-T27G - Includes Power Supply $155.00
SIP-T21P_E2 Yealink SIP-T21P E2 Entry-level IP phone with 2 Lines & HD voice - Includes Power Supply $85.00

Here are some examples of the available solutions and services to save costs, and improve communications and collaboration:

Business Phone Services, Toll-Free Numbers, Fax-to-E-Mail Service, Voicemail Only Numbers, Forwarding Numbers, Home?Home Office Phone Services.

There are three main types of accounts. Each account type has different functionality and is supported thru the main Cloud PBX control panel.

1. Premium Full Service Account - This account type has incoming and outgoing call access and all calling features. You can use a Softphone (software phone) or a VoIP Adapter with your account. Example Use: SMB Services or Residential Services

With a full service account, your can use a softphone (software phone on your computer or smart phone) or a VoIP adapter (use with regular analog telephones) or any new IP/SIP Phone.

You may purchase or use any SIP hardware you'd like from any vendor you choose. . . but if you'd like keep existing phones, you can purchase a VoIP ATA / Phone Adapter, e.g. the Grandstream HT701 for 1 line or Grandstream HT702 for 2 lines. 

In addition to new Grandstream or Yealink phones, other phones are supported, e.g. Polycom, but they are not pre-provisioned.

2. Incoming Only Account - This account type is for forwarding only with no ability to make outgoing calls. Example Use: Toll-free number service where the number is forwarded to an existing cell phone number. Since incoming only accounts forward to an external phone number, no equipment is required.

3. Fax Account - This account type is for receiving faxes. Your customer will be able to specify an e-mail address and when someone sends a fax to the fax number, it will be e-mailed to them as a PDF file. Example Use: Fax to E-Mail Service. This type of line is supported, and you can eliminate the need for a separate fax line or fax machine.

The service works with your regular analog telephones with the provided adapter, or use newer digital SIP phones to get additional advanced features. There's no software to download and you don't use your computer.


  • Keep Your Phone Number. If you have an existing phone number you want to keep, we can transfer it to the new service for you.
  • Provide a New Number. If you'd rather get a new number, we have over 500,000 new phone numbers available in over 7,000 areas.
  • Service Features - here's the list of the 40+ features
  • In addition to the new Cloud PBX service, here's our current list of 150+ service providers we can use to help you build your custom solution.

    FYI - "Vonage is a market leader and sells business service for around $39.99 per month per line. Whether you're just getting started with VoIP or are looking for a better value, Vonage Business offers . . .  a suite of 40+ business-critical features, you save roughly 30% compared to traditional phone service providers.*
    *Savings claim is based on the average monthly recurring charge for unlimited domestic business calling plans from the top three leading wireline service providers. Comparison excludes promotional pricing, fees, surcharges or taxes and assumes a customer already has broadband service. Check your phone bill to determine the savings that would apply to you,".


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