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How can we help you? . . . with video, voice, data and UC&C - Unified Communications & Collaboration

How we can help you assess, expand or get started with video, voice, data and UC&C? Take this quick survey.
When was the last time you checked your actual spending and the value you get from your phone, data and internet services?
Are you taking advantage of the powerful new low cost cloud based solutions, collaboration systems & communication technologies?
Now almost everyone in your organization can use the latest technologies to improve operations, communications and collaboration . . . and to reduce costs.
Get a free assessment of the powerful new solutions and services for video, voice, and data for your business.
Enter your contact information, and your request for a free assessment, quote or demonstration (only the few fields marked with an asterisk are required). We can provide assessments and quotes for sites & projects throughout the US and Canada, and for most other locations around the world.
Your request for:

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 a Demonstration Request,
 or  a Quote Request,
or any Other Questions*
How many locations  in your organization?
How many and what type of desktop phones, mobile phones,
computers and conferencing systems do you have now?
What is your current or preferred collaboration system?
Skype for Business, Skype, Google+, WebEx, or others?
How much bandwidth (in MB) 
 do you have now for voice, video and data?
How many people can meet in
your main conference room? What's the room size? How many chairs are in the room?
How many huddle rooms or training rooms
do you have?
How many teleworkers are in the organization?
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