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Rebates & Discounts on Google Home Mini, Google Home, & other Google Devices . . . Below are the instructions . . .

Here are the current prices:

The only two $10 rebates currently available:

  1. First one is for Walmart, and Amazon and many other chains. You can get a $10 instant extra rebate for a future order.
  2. Second, you can get a $10 instant welcome promo credit for your first Google Express order. Click on the following affiliate link:
  • You'll see a $10.00  instant welcome promo credit 88WHUU48B available at checkout for your initial Google Express order.  It's our affiliate/promo code, and when you use that we may get a credit as well.

  • You can also enter 88WHUU48B as the Promo Code directly at checkout to confirm that you qualify.

  • Complete your first order, search Google Express for any items you need (typically an order over $35 is needed for free shipping).

Note that Google devices are not available thru Amazon.

International shipping services are available for these items.

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